Vampire Treatments Offered:

Vampire Facelift • Vampire Facial • Vampire Scalp Rejuvenation

Drug Free
Decrease in Wrinkles & Fine Lines
Increased Elasticity & Firmness
Smoother Texture Skin
Younger Color Skin
Quick recovery
(usually able to go to dinner that night)

Vampire Facial

The Vampire Facial procedure begins with a simple blood draw from your arm. Using FDA approved equipment, Dr. Helene will process your blood and isolate the platelet rich plasma (PRP) , which contains growth factor, from your specimen. She then applies this and gently performs a micro-needling facial.
With the Vampire Facial, growth factors, combined with micro-needling, turn on the skin’s healing mechanisms. This is a more natural way to stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in your skin. This procedure leads to decrease in fine lines and wrinkles, increased elasticity and firmness, smoother texture and younger looking skin.

Vampire Hair Restoration

Vampire® Hair Restoration is also available. It involves a three-part procedure to promote hair growth using your own Platelet Rich Plasma. First blood is drawn and processed isolating growth factors from your own specimen. Second, the Platelet Rich Plasma is injected into the scalp to stimulates the hair follicles. Finally, the Platelet Rich Plasma is applied to the areas of decreased hair growth. A micro-needling device will be used and a home program will be prescribed for enhanced results.

The Vampire Facelift

The Vampire Facelift procedure combines the science of Hyaluronic acid fillers, and your own platelet rich plasma to deliver youthful, natural beauty unique to you.

Dr. Hélène, a Certified Vampire Facelift provider, ensures that she does not change the original structure and shape of one’s face, but revives the patients existing beauty, for a more youthful, lifted face shape and smoother skin tone.

The Vampire Facelift procedure begins with a simple blood draw from your arm. Using an FDA-approved process, she isolates platelet rich plasma (PRP) for injection back into the body, isolating the PRP on-site. Next she uses a Hyaluronic Acid filler (like Juvederm® or Belotero®) to add a natural collagen layer based on your facial structure. Finally, she will inject PRP into the face so that the body’s own healing process triggers regrowth of new tissue and blood flow.

This is the procedure for you if you desire a more natural look, using your own growth factors to stimulate your own stem cells. This can offer you a more “natural” alternate choice to Fillers.

Caring about how you look is not superficial. Your happiness in life is effected by your confidence and comfort in your own skin. Dr. Hélène understands how aging can effect you, and welcomes the opportunity to show you how your outlook on life can improve with a simple treatment plan customized to you. Offering aesthetic treatments like injectables, dermal fillers, micro needling and contouring, supported by her 33+ years of experience as a physician. 

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.”

Sophia Loren

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